About Cheryel

Cheryel Hutton

Cheryel Hutton is a Southern girl to the core. She was born in Tennessee, and spent most of her life there. There among the hills and valleys she found abundant inspiration for the stories she writes.

Recently she and her husband moved near Jacksonville, Florida, where they enjoy the sunshine, warm weather, and nearness to the ocean. Here Cheryel is discovering new inspiration and spends her time transcribing stories told to her by a muse who happens to be a dragon..

Cheryel has written four full length novels Shadows of Evil (not currently available for sale), The Ugly Truth,  Blood of the Innocent, and Doggone Ugly Creek; as well as two novellas Keepers of Legend and The Secrets of Ugly Creek. A fourth Ugly Creek novel will be released in the near future.  Cheryel and her muse are currently working her on her next novel. More information will be available very soon!

More info about Cheryel and her stories can be found right here on her website: www.cheryelhutton.com, her Facebook page www.facebook.com/CheryelHuttonAuthor, or follow her tweets @cheryelhutton