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Fear for Income

There is a paranoia being grown today for the specific reason of making lots and lots of money. To most people, it even looks like the big companies are doing something good. Unless you understand the real story. What is … Continue reading

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Unidentified Flying Thing in the Sky

There’s a UFO flap* going on right now. This one isn’t the kind where people are looking up at the night sky and seeing Venus. This flap is on TV. Perennial favorite, Ancient Aliens is back with new episodes and … Continue reading

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Old Timers Don’t Say SciFi

Fifty years ago today, the biggest science fiction franchise ever launched. It was, of course, Star Trek (yes, the original one with Kirk and Spock). I was fortunate to have watched the very first Star Trek episode the night it originally … Continue reading

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The Waters Of Mars

Three days ago, NASA announced proof of liquid water on Mars. I was thrilled. What an amazing discovery! I honestly thought the news would be all over the story. I wasn’t home at the time of the original announcement, so … Continue reading

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Nearsighted Science I love science. To me scientists are rock stars. Still, there are some times when I don’t understand the circular logic mainstream science uses to “prove” the mainstream view of things. Like the logic of this article. The vector … Continue reading

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Superstar Physics

A few weeks ago, January 23rd to be exact, my husband and I were privileged to attend a talk by Micho Kaku, one of the greatest scientific minds alive today. His presentation, given at Chattanooga State Technical Community College, was … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Blinded; Use Science

  What is science? It’s noticing what’s going on in the world and trying to understand what the scientist sees. A scientist notices something and after doing research and putting together the known facts, she makes an educated guess, an … Continue reading

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