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They work for us!

I have never been so disgusted with our government as I am at this moment. I cannot believe that in the 21st century a gaggle of civil servants, that we the American People voted into office, is hellbent on shoving … Continue reading

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Overload Syndrome

  It’s no secret 21st Century folks are overloaded. The symptoms are everywhere. I read recently where approximately 10% of American families rent storage facilities to keep things they don’t need, don’t use, but can’t bring themselves to get rid … Continue reading

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In the News…Or Not

Have you had all the political news you can stand? Is a steady stream of bad news givng you headaches? Well, these animals decided they’d had enough. Enjoy.     Have a great weekend!

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Truth, Lies, and Mermaids

Recently I caught a story on the Today Show about how some people had mistaken a “fake documentary” to be the real thing and now believed the existence of mermaids was a proven fact. I did more research and discovered … Continue reading

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