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The Waters Of Mars

Three days ago, NASA announced proof of liquid water on Mars. I was thrilled. What an amazing discovery! I honestly thought the news would be all over the story. I wasn’t home at the time of the original announcement, so … Continue reading

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Nearsighted Science

http://discovermagazine.com/2013/dec/14-southern-gothic#.UxTPl86uDPa I love science. To me scientists are rock stars. Still, there are some times when I don’t understand the circular logic mainstream science uses to “prove” the mainstream view of things. Like the logic of this article. The vector … Continue reading

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Superstar Physics

A few weeks ago, January 23rd to be exact, my husband and I were privileged to attend a talk by Micho Kaku, one of the greatest scientific minds alive today. His presentation, given at Chattanooga State Technical Community College, was … Continue reading

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Truth, Lies, and Mermaids

Recently I caught a story on the Today Show about how some people had mistaken a “fake documentary” to be the real thing and now believed the existence of mermaids was a proven fact. I did more research and discovered … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Blinded; Use Science

  What is science? It’s noticing what’s going on in the world and trying to understand what the scientist sees. A scientist notices something and after doing research and putting together the known facts, she makes an educated guess, an … Continue reading

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